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210 River Street
Troy, NY 12180 (518) 274-3050
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TAP, Inc. seeks an Executive Director to lead the company in the implementation of its mission, strategies and financial objectives.  TAP is a private non-profit community design center incorporated in 1969 and operated by a board of directors.

As the nonprofit community design center for the Capital Region, TAP provides design, planning, graphic and technical services to nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations, and low-to-moderate income individuals who are seeking to improve their buildings, homes and neighborhoods.  TAP works closely with the community and its clients to educate and advocate for the value of good design, planning and public policy; and works in collaboration with a variety of public and private agencies to promote livable communities and encourage community development efforts.

TAP began in 1969 as an experiment in community service to provide technical assistance by students and volunteers to those who needed it and could not afford it. We have expanded to become an integral part of the non-profit housing and urban planning infrastructure in the region. Now forty six years later, TAP remains unorthodox, passionate, idealistic and persistent - an effective ally to those in need.

We are looking for new leadership; a mature professional who will, while keeping the mission, spirit and uniqueness of TAP, Inc. in place, explore new possibilities of skills, scope and service area.  The executive director will work with an eight person team (seven FTE’s) augmented by volunteers and interns as opportunity and workload allow. TAP, Inc. is governed by a seven person Board of Directors. The Executive Director is not a member of the Board. The annual operating budget is approximately $500,000. The executive director will have broad authority to identify mission-appropriate projects with a primary emphasis on improving the sustainability, livability, economy, artistic, and cultural opportunities in distressed urban neighborhoods.  TAP, Inc.’s primary service area is the economically eligible census tracts of Troy, NY. Its secondary service area is New York’s Capital Region, and TAP, Inc. is active in several coalitions and activities with statewide scope.

How to apply... 

Applicants may apply by submitting a letter of interest, no more than two pages, please, and a current resume to: admin@tapinc.org

or mailed to TAP, Inc. 210 River Street, Troy, NY 12180 Att: Search Committee

We would appreciate if your letter of interest was sent by Friday, April 10, 2015.  

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